Large, Manual Lathe Turning

Hall Machine’s specialty is machining large diameter and long parts in large manual horizontal lathes. Specifically, we offer customers:

  • Six lathes equipped with multiple steady rests and many combinations of lead gearing for threading
  • Ability to swing parts up to 84” diameter and up to 37’ in length
  • Specialty ID boring
  • Ability to maintain tight tolerances to meet customer requirements
  • Complementing our horizontal lathes is a Froriep vertical turret lathe with a 98” diameter table and maximum swing of 110”




Hall Machine can perform manual milling on very large parts.
We offer:

  • Giddings & Lewis horizontal mills; one has a floor table
  • The envelope of the table is 8’ x 16’, with vertical travel of 11 feet
  • Hall Machine has milled parts up to 35 feet in length
  • Mills are equipped with right-angle heads and a Giddings & Lewis powered tailstock column to support extended boring reach


Large CNC Lathe Turning

  • CNC lathe machining on parts up to 80” in diameter and 14 feet in length

Shaft Repair / Refurbishing

  • Hall Machine saves customers money by repairing valuable shafts
  • The most common methods are weld build-up or fitting with sleeves, followed by finish machining

Clad Welding

  • Hall Machine provides welding services certified to AWS D1.1, D1.6, D14.6, D14.1, D9.1, D17.1, and ASME Section IX
  • Our welders are experienced in welding stainless steels, nickel-based alloys and other exotic metals
  • Using the most sophisticated equipment, we are capable of MIG, TIG and flux-core welding
  • Welding methods include SAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW

Hall Machine

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